Peter Adams

Peter is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has released five albums, starting with 2005's The Spiral Eyes, and his most recent release is Queen of the Attic, released in 2017.

His process for producing music is to record and layer tracks one by one: Peter performs all the parts on the albums, playing guitar, violin, bass, and a variety of other acoustic instruments, in addition to digital and analog sound manipulation and synthesis. The effect is both epic and intimate; hallucinatory dreams woven together with pop hooks.

In addition to self-produced albums, Peter has composed original pieces for modern dance companies (the Cincinnati Ballet, Tori Lawrence + Co), and produced soundtracks for short films (When the Dogs Cried Out, Sunday's Mother.)


Queen of the Attic, 2017

Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve, 2013

Songs For Modern Dance, 2010

I Woke With Planets In My Face, 2008

The Spiral Eyes, 2005