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Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 03:03
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Inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name, which I was forced to recite in seventh grade and never forgot.

Oh so many years ago in a city by the sea
There lived a girl who was known
By the name of Annabel Lee

She was a pretty girl in her city by the sea
And she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me

I saw the jealous eyes as they looked down on me
They envied how I loved my beauty Annabel Lee

One day a cold wind blew from out beyond the sea
It chilled into the bone and killed my Annabel Lee

I will pierce the sun
And speak the ancient tongue
Orange of fire will fall
And boil the raging tides

  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 07:00
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One of my most thematic songs, dealing with the slow continental drift of Antarctica towards the south, away from the warmth of the other continents.

I can recall the waves on the shore
That battered the beach with water and more
Full in the air and deep in the ground
I was not alone for miles around

Eyes in the greenest jungles of mine
Would wander around the vines
And in the plains the wind and the rain
With seasons would come and go

Oh, and how my gardens grew
How they would twist all through the air

But gone is the fire that warmed me at night
That kept me alive and kept me bright
I’ve drifted far from the colors above
The faces of friends and the ones that I loved

I cry for the mountains sing for the shore
And sway for my lost allure
The cold and the darkness have swallowed me up
And famished my love for this life

So I moan in this desolate home
And sing my sacred songs again
Let the grinding stones come feast on my bones
I'll cry for more

Bending Sky
Bending Sky
  • Songs For Modern Dance
  • 2009
  • 04:05
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The opening of All too Wonderful. I was so nervous and stressed out after being asked to create new music for the Cincinnati Ballet to use. I had actually been working on an entirely different song, when, a few days before I promised to give Heather my first draft, I decided it was terrible. Faced with imminent doom, I sat down at the keyboard and out came this song, nearly fully-formed on arrival like Athena from the head of Zeus. That never happens.

Why don't I know why you are alone
On the fields that flow beneath the bending sky
Hold me down
Watch me wheel around
Thought out the kid I lost a long time ago

Out in the mire I dreamed that I found you by my side
With the notes that you sang to me

I'll send voices sounding away
As we watch our bodies bend inside out

Are we asleep?
There's half a moon above but it's sinking

  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 04:41
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One of the first songs finished for Spiral Eyes, the lyrics were inspired by sweeping highway onramps and Brutalist architecture.

The smoother ride is worth the price
Grass and dirt eat up the tires
For me it's a matter of function
Nevermind the way it looks
I go by the books

Beige and tan support the plan
Rising high to please the eye
Saving lots of money
Stick the poor in boxes of gray

Drive downtown without seeing land
It says to me the glory of man

My my my
We are the species
My my my
To rule the earth

Far and wide
We're paving everything
Pretty soon we'll pave the stars

We can turn mars into a parking lot
Cover the sun its way too hot

Conversation With the Moon
Conversation With the Moon
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 05:40
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Somewhat of an experiment, using only two chords for almost the entirety. The ending solo section was always great fun to perform live. Shortwave radio fine-tuner was used for the ending soundscape leading into the next song.

“I have watched you all these years,” said the moon to me.
“But when you are gone for good I will still be here
on the other side.”

Fast against the window pane,
sitting with the rain.
Though I’ve seen the sight before,
I like to take it in

For the other side.

“I have seen the way you walk,” said the moon to me.
“You are like the rest of them crawling underneath
to the other side."

"From the only place you’ve ever known
to the only place you’ll ever go
we are all the colors in your head
we are words you wish you’d never read”

Cumulus Spires
Cumulus Spires
  • Songs For Modern Dance
  • 2009
  • 08:05
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Last section of All too Wonderful.

Grow me a garden to keep by the bed where I sleep
With a window beside
Under the spells of cumulous spires
When the sky is on fire
Oh the meaning I've found

Give me a glimpse of the past
Of summertime shade
The distended breeze
The sweat of the trees
Where the phantoms are mine
Where I grew out my spine
On the fields in the green

There's heat in your chest
I can feel you undress in the shadows and warmth
I don't know what is real
But I love to feel your body beside me
And why do I think you are special
The neurons and chemicals that float in my head
Are they me instead
How can I move
This is all too wonderful

Cypress Knees
Cypress Knees
  • Songs For Modern Dance
  • 2009
  • 04:05
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Middle section of All too WonderfulDefinitely going for a fuzzy Flaming Lips groove with this. The moment in the Heather's choreography where the fuzzed violin solo starts and the dancers come out of the corner like some kind of monstrous segmented spine, flipping each other around, is my favorite moment in all of dance.

I disappear
See the flowers bloom
And watch the wheels turn

Sit by the cypress knees
Dance to the ancient worms
That made your spine

Feel your muscles flow
Sleep in spaces in between

Let your skin disappear
See how you grew up from the ground
See how you laugh and run around

  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 03:26
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Last track on The Spiral Eyes.

The thing that makes me proudest of my place in human race
is that we never have to use the stairs: we elevate.
Float like the comet of a far and distant place
Once you get a piece of it you won't forget the taste.

How did people live before they could be carried up into the air?
My static motion chair

Boring is walking, I'm a very busy man
I don't have time to use my legs let it work while I stand
Dark in the shaft the rectangular capsule glides
like an angel bearing gifts of interstellar rides

The future has arrived
It came while I was riding in my favorite box
The normal never shocks

Look at what you're stepping into every morning,
Ask why the baby squirms and cries without warning
Fly, you're fine, the cable winds
Bring me up to floor or be left behind
Nine to five I'll take the dive, so many times
I'm sure it's fine

  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 03:36
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This song went through many iterations, starting out with a much more distorted, heavy feel before landing in this acoustic arrangement.

I’ll fight the world’s mind and come back for more
Eyelids torn to pieces
Come back with me
I see something awful on the way

Born out of circles
And rotating rings
All and everia
We are the coming and we are the gone
Frozen holy light
We chose and now we find
A table for the king
The king of everything
In the end I see everything again

Feet to the Fire
Feet to the Fire
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2006
  • 02:33
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Feet to the Fire had been kicking around for a long time, and we even performed it live quite often, but I never had a recording of it that I liked. It was supposed to be on Planets, but it didn't quite make the cut. This is the earliest demo of the song.

Meet me where the shadows bloom
In corners out of sight
Sweating from the swollen summer air
Winding vines and tangled eyes
And branches in a storm
We become the whole entire

For you I would pick the silver apples of the moon
And set them all down in a row
Voices unaccountable compel the way I go
Feverish and never tired

Hold my feet to the fire for a while
I need to feel something
When the cruel morning comes around

  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2008
  • 05:51
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I worked on this song for nearly two years before I gave up on it, but it remains a favorite of mine. This version is actually the first (of many) stabs at it, and it remains the best.

All the rooms we tore apart
And all the times we spent in dark
With our eyes above the bed
On the ten-foot sky that floated overhead

So here we lie tonight again
On a secret little island with a friend
How the walls would creak into the room
Where the hyphae and mycelia come to bloom

Climb into the spaces in the walls
Tunnel through the twisting corridors
Bend into the sinews and the fibers of the floorboards
Yeah in the hollow maze we parted ways
Following the flashlight as it flies

In the rafters wrought with iron
That stand above a stage of sinking mire
Moth-hole sets of crimson curtains hang
Swallowing the remains of the day

I dreamed of a girl who was twirling on a rooftop in a storm
She danced to the sounds in her head
While all around were creaky weather vanes
Light up the world and let me feel your pain

Ghost in the Fen
Ghost in the Fen
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 04:06
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"Summers of beauty and pain" refers to the summer I did the bulk of the work on Planets. I sat for hours on end in my hot, humid Cincinnati apartment, with the windows closed and the fan off to reduce noise as I recorded. But as uncomfortable and nasty as summer can be, I prefer it to any other season.

Lord lay me down
Lead me gently to the underground
I’ll feel the fires licking around
Born in the cold
With the rats and creeping mold
Down in the deep where everything sleeps

Rascals away
Let me sing to my grave
To soothe her for what she must bear
Ghost in the fen, find my station within
And hope I’ll be dancing somewhere

Pull me along
Sip me hollow with this earthly song
Tune to the felled trees’ fungus in bloom

Ghost in the fen
Let my songs swim again
In summers of beauty and pain

Great Wave
Great Wave
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2006
  • 03:30
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Recorded shortly after The Spiral Eyes. I never intended for this to be released on an album, it was more just for fun. Title comes from the famous Hokusai print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Opening sample is from a Prokofiev symphony, and later Beethoven.

I Evolve
I Evolve
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 04:06
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When the fires did surround me you were by my side
With your holy water hands and sparkling eyes
We are not a prize at all
We are just the end
I was on the porch and you were hiding in the dark
With the floorboards creaking and the house falling apart

I evolve tonight

When the iron city rusts and crumbles in the sea
Tiny dots and dying leaves will hover over me
To the other shore and back, sure I've found the end
Bitches on their broken chains of rusty party lines
Sew the halos on their heads and riot in their minds

So count the bumps on your head where the palms are read
I believe it when you say there is no way.

I Was Looking At the Ceiling, and Then I Saw the Sky
I Was Looking At the Ceiling, and Then I Saw the Sky
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 03:14
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I borrowed the title of this instrumental track from a piece by John Adams, but I felt justified because he got it from a quote from a survivor of the 1989 Bay Area earthquake. The original quote meant what it said in an absolutely literal way.

If Only Child
If Only Child
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2003
  • 02:52
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One of my earliest surviving tracks, and one of the first good songs I wrote and recorded. Production quality is obviously primitive (I think at this time I was using a microphone that came with some language software and plugging it directly into my SoundBlaster).

I'd like to walk with you
Into the empty morning
With a big smile on your face
It's a wonder I can do
Anything everything at all
It's friday night again

Quitting time
Never comes quite soon enough
What makes the people run
Outside my field of view
Like a chosen apparition
It's friday night again

Who's that man
Walking over by the courthouse
He's looking kind of lost
Like a man without a clue
Or maybe he's just happy
Like he's his own best friend

Come and watch
Your favorite tv show
They're the friends you never had
In time you will be blue
But now the sky is clearing
Just staring at the tube

Take a step in the water
If it's too cold then wait for a while
The sun is coming out
If only you weren't an only child

Gray is in the winter
And in the fall everything turns red
But fortunatley always for me
It's summer in my head

In the Evening
In the Evening
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2009
  • 04:59
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The original song that eventually morphed into The Sullen Saint of Eden.

In the evening of my sullen saint of Eden where the vessels flow
Branching out and back into my flesh and sinking air into my chest
Where the lights are set inside my tambourine Cartesian cabaret
From the fingers of the creeping chordate clambering onto the land

Sing my way inside the holy rafters of the trees
I don't want this prodigal disease
Sipping on the words that trickle slowly from the sea
Pondering the firmament and sky

How I love to watch you move your body through my faded halls and rooms
(how I love to watch you move it)
Where the staircase bends around the corner by the window on the moon
(so it seems to me)

Fill your eyes and lay your head
The fondest scenes are far ahead
Let evening breezes come along
To fill your flesh and empty lungs

But I wish I could save you

In the Great Green Room
In the Great Green Room
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 02:18
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A minimalist instrumental to open Planets. I used a toy glockenspiel for the opening bells and made heavy use of the melodica.

Into the Mist
Into the Mist
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 03:59
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Inspired by The Decembrists.

Turn the lighthouse on for me
We sail tonight upon the empty sea
Into the mist and the wind go we
To leave behind this life of luxury

On the beach of an orange shore
We will remain for evermore
Building up what we leave behind
On our island at the end of time

There are circles under the air
Holding you right there
Born somewhere under the sun
You and everyone

I will bury myself in sandand invite you with an open hand
To the ends of all we know
And the start of what lies below

All the ports will open wide
And we will float on by
Enchanted with ourselves
With all the world to try

Listen Harmony
Listen Harmony
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2002
  • 03:22
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Buried as a hidden album on The Spiral Eyeswhich most people had trouble accessing, I still to this day get emails asking for a way to download it. This is an old song that goes back to my days on the old and was perhaps the first track which, based on the positive response it got, gave me the idea that I might be good at writing pop songs.

In the fire station live
Several of broken company
Red light burns above the nation
But it really doesn't bother me
Rights of trials and tribulations
Is more than I can see
Have a little faith direction
And listen harmony

Boom box sittin on top of the car
He likes to think one day he'll go far
Right or wrong at least the same
Carry out orders let me fly the plane
On the birthday cake in yellow
Written "beauty I believe"
Have a little faith direction
And listen harmony

Bad moon rising above your home
Stay inside unplug the phone
Vapor hides in running water
And forms in misty clouds
Rake the leaves enjoy the weather
For duty for the team
Have a little faith direction
And listen harmony

Love in the Afternoon
Love in the Afternoon
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2010
  • 04:39
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I was asked to write a song to release in conjunction with a novel by Victoria Rowell, who was a star on The Young and the Restless and who I had met when she emceed the first New Works concert. It ended up being a sort of weird love song from the point of view of a dedicated soap opera fanatic.

I've shared my room with you day after day in winter sping and fall
On my screen and in fragrant magazines I watch you live a life I could never survive
You shape my world and give me something to hold as friends pass on
As my hair thins and as the world gets gloomy and grim
I still have my precious hour with you

Calista pull on my heartstrings
Love in the afternoon
I don't need cables to see you
The signal spreads and mingles all through the air

And when you fade into darkness
When weekends leave me bare
I know around will come Monday
I'll catch the signal spinning out in the air

You're miles away but when I lay on the floor you're right beside
My life fades in the glow of the cathode rays supine in the warm embrace of your light

And may your market share be high
May your writers never let you die
I hope that you grow old with me inside of my screen
And if the network should go bust
If all the TVs rot and rust
I will try to battle on without your love in the afternoon

Mister Grieves
Mister Grieves
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 04:38
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I know you Mister Grieves, my friend, sitting in by the fire
Falling down to your knees you say Hallelujah, Hallelu
My oh my mister grieves, again, you're starting out a bit too late
Can't make up for all the things you did
but Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Let's all have a good time. It's the holy part of me
Let's all have a good time and worry when our faces start to show it
We'll worry when we realize we've blown it
Cry away mister grieves, all day. It's the last emotion you'll feel
You truly have my sympathy but not my pity. Pitiful.
Mister Grieves how'd it come to this? You always thought you be on top
You'd start behaving right one of these days but now it's too late
Now it's gone away.

Cause nothing really matters till you're smart enough to know it
And then you'll get a glimpse of what it's like to be a poet.
Time is running out for dying old man Mister Grieves.
Wasted one whole life and now he's just repeating please.
Strange how Mister Grieves never professed in these beliefs.
Now he's all alone at least.

And in the morning sun wipe away your tears
Wipe away your tears when the wind blows.
You could be just like me, and you will be just fine. You will be just fine.
Mister Grieves

More Than You Know
More Than You Know
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 03:35
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Forget to write and I will call you up at night
And let it ring.
The morning sun, it never bothered anyone
But you might find it wise to close the blinds.

The more I sleep the less I like to use my feet
They drag me down
So after lunch why don't you come around and see
Why I can't eat at all
Why I can't even breathe.

More than you know.

How many bridges are we supposed to cross
Before we meet the boss?
The great escape always seems to want to wait
Oh merry go round and round and round and round.

Tommorow the sorrow will be forgotten although
I will remember how I fell upon the floor

Rogue’s Gallery
Rogue’s Gallery
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2005
  • 04:07
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Recorded shortly after The Spiral Eyes, I never really came up with an ending for this song (hence the pop fade).

They salt the Earth and start the fires
Open the wounds and pay the liars
But in the sky my garden grows

Bore me awake with empty dreams
of who's in charge and reigns of supreme
Kings of signs that line the road

I will push and pull
Till all the flames have cooled
And I will sink into the river

Shoot the Moon
Shoot the Moon
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 05:24
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In a raging storm I am lost to the cause
Up above the clouds filled with rain
Feel no pain
When the comet falls breath the dust
Breathe with us
When the sky turns gray, feel okay
Feel okay

I'll shoot the moon
Watch the sky fall
No time too soon
Bring it crashing down on me

As the roaches thrive you can try
But you will die
As the waters rise to meet the trees
The sweetest breeze will wash over me

  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 02:35
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Oh dear I'm sorry to say
I've gone slipping away
I'm sleeping under the setting sun
so I'll be warm tonight

Oh dear why am I here?
Long gone but wish I was near
I'll find you curled inside your shell
and I will lie beside

  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 05:12
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I am king of leaving things behind
Where I have gone and you will find
Seven houses sitting in a row
Where I have gone and you will go
So how do you get by?

I'll pretend that I was never here
Every single holy year
I am bored with everything in sight
My eyes go spiraling tonight
Oh what a lonely day

Tonight we ride for the millionth time
The moon is light for the desperate night

As I stroll the sidewalks in a daze
And suck up all the radio waves
Seven thoughts go shooting through the sky
Every one a life gone by
I live where the heavens bend

Sprinkler Song For Jessica
Sprinkler Song For Jessica
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 02:15
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I made this for Jessica on her birthday.

Throw me out the window
Throw me out again
Throw me out so I can meet the wind

All the names remembered
All the names I knew
Out of all them I remember you

In the pale morning
Foggy from my sleep
I can sit and think of how
Someday I’ll buy a city
And copy you the key
So you can come and run around with me

Stand in the Sun
Stand in the Sun
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2002
  • 03:24
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My oldest publicly-released track, features s a looped beat similar to Listen Harmony. I recorded this while still in college. The lyrics don't make any sense.

Stand in the sun
Can you feel the weight
Can you feel at all

Fold up your clothes
In a neat little pile
In the formula's way

Hold up your head
Let me see that smile
Let me drink it on in

Land is your friend
Without it you couldn't walk
Without it you'd get wet

Playing in the middle of the afternoon is like
Staying up all night
Both are making fun of human's elemental fear
What to do with time

Pull on the string
You get to see me talk
If your lucky I'll sing

Waste all your time
Doing what you want
With no reason or rhyme

Mop up the floor
If you spilled your milk
Just dont do it no more

Light up the room
Dont walk in the dark
Just stand in the sun

  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2011
  • 02:21
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This was a track I made for Cincinnati’s own Marburg Collective, a group of wonderful musicians who all lived together in the Marburg Hotel. It was recorded and mixed by Aaron Modarressi. I came in with a sketchy idea for a song and kind of just built it up over multiple takes, helped along by several Marbugians. It was featured on Marburg Collective’s Dear Neighbor.

Walk through the garden the tangle of thistle and thorns
Flesh rips and blood spits like your mother when you were born

Climb up the trellis the ficus and stranglevines
Blooms on the branches the sinews and tendons entwine

The Disappeared
The Disappeared
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 04:37
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Uses a custom tuning, dropping both E strings to D and G to F#.

Off in the distance, sits and he listens
Someone is on my side
He will deliver, I'll live forever
Someone is on my side

Slide in the cellar, things will get better
Someone is on your side
Schooled in the ancient, crawling and patient
Inside this heart of mine

Looking for the Disappeared

I swim in the water under the slaughter
Raging above my head
Down in the deepest farthest of reaches
Someone is on my side

Keep the lights on
They're trying put me to sleep

The Gallery
The Gallery
  • Songs For Modern Dance
  • 2010
  • 03:38
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Opening track of Strange Loop. I was influenced by The Microphones when I wrote this. I wanted a dense, swirling drone to create a bed for naked vocals.

I am a strange loop
A coiled warm device
All I've loved in this swirling grove
Till the bough breaks
When we fall to the ground

The Invention of Nuclear Power
The Invention of Nuclear Power
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 02:45
The Observatory
The Observatory
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 04:12
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This song gives the album I Woke With Planets In My Face its name, being the first lines I sing. I really put almost every instrument at my disposal in it, creating an off-kilter, schizophrenic feel that I like. The ending melodica solo was improvised in one take. When we performed live it was actually extended some, and the recording now sounds strangely short to me.

I woke with planets in my face
In dark reaches of the coldest space
I found a curtain in the sky
and went through to see what I could find

I’m lost and gone
Whisper lovely tales to me

All round I saw the circles spin
far gone and back where I begin

The Seventh Seal
The Seventh Seal
  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 06:59
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Inspired by the film of the same name. The first of the slightly less traditionally structured songs I wrote, as compared to the simpler verse-chorus-verse structure on most of The Spiral Eyes.

Deep in the dark
With evil on the road
Going to our long lost home
The battle's behind
With blood along the road
Going to our long lost home

Poor little soul
You wander in the cold
But I won't let you walk for long
The pus and the bile
Have festered all the while
All across your long lost home

Are you waiting for the green
And looking to the sky?
Soldiers, do you bow your heads
And do you want the sun to come
Like it always does?
On and on

I stood at the pyre
With a witch upon the fire
Jagged branches sliced the sky
And inside my head
A cold and awful dread
Laughed at what a hell is home

Are you waiting for the green
And looking to the sky?
Soldiers, do you bow your heads
And do you want the sun to come
Like it always does?
And the sea to roll?
And the vines to grow?
As the seasons show
What's beneath the snow?

Then cry till you bleed
For the stories you need
Are fading and washed from the morrow
Come take my hand
As we dance from this land
To tales that rest with your father

We are frozen here and waiting
We are cold with fear and trembling
And so my shadow grows
And eats away inside my bones
So it goes

The Sullen Saint of Eden
The Sullen Saint of Eden
  • Songs For Modern Dance
  • 2010
  • 05:54
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The middle section of Strange Loop, uses the same custom drop-D tuning as The Disappeared.

In the evening of my sullen saint of Eden where the vessels flow
Branching out and back into my flesh and sinking air into my chest
Where the lights are set inside my tambourine Cartesian cabaret
From the fingers of the creeping chordate clambering onto the land

Darling I fear we can't outlast
Breathe deep and maybe this feeling will pass

How I love to watch you move your body through my faded halls and rooms
(how I love to watch you move it)
Where the staircase bends around the corner by the window on the moon
(so it seems to me)

Fill your eyes and lay your head
The fondest scenes are far ahead
Let evening breezes come along
To fill your flesh and empty lungs
Yeah things will grow and then will die
The sun will stop and so will I
A million of my molecules
Will spin around the universe

But here we are alive
Strange dreams colliding
This is all you've wanted

The Tangled Canopy
The Tangled Canopy
  • Songs For Modern Dance
  • 2010
  • 04:10
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Part three of Strange LoopThis actually contains two of my personal favorite moments - the slow string buildup that opens the track, and later during the phrase "in this youth, in this open wide. . ."

Elevate on mystical equations in the dark
How things grow and how they fall apart
When the sun abjures I'll hang a lantern in the tree
To wind around the tangled canopy

Twist around in swirling flesh my arteries and bones
Scratch the dirt where all your roots have grown
The more I understand the stranger we become

Run through the houses
Like we used to do
In the hallways twisted and the delicate rooms
We can see with spiral eyes
How alluring is this evening
How sublime

In this youth
In this open wide
You and me and all the moods we hide
I will bury strings along the ground
To find our way from where we've been to now

Theme from “Sunday’s Mother”
Theme from “Sunday’s Mother”
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2011
  • 01:35
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Music from Aaron Jackson's movie Sunday's Mother.

Theme from “When the Dogs Cried Out”
Theme from “When the Dogs Cried Out”
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2010
  • 01:25
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Music for Aaron Jackson's film When the Dogs Cried Out. Watch the full movie.

Untitled (Tourette’s)
Untitled (Tourette’s)
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2011
  • 01:54
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Twitchy demo for a dance piece inspired by Tourette's syndrome, choreographed by Sutie Madison in Philadelphia.

Vivian Girls Overture
Vivian Girls Overture
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2012
  • 03:10
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Instrumental opener for the Vivian Girls musical, written by Stacy Sims and workshopped at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City.

We Collide
We Collide
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2012
  • 02:17
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Written and recorded over a 36-hour period, to submit for a potential commercial spot.

We are young
with all the power to raise a world
We collide the night against the pulsing sky

We belong to what is past and what is coming
so much to love
in all the sounds and all the colors
it stops your breath and moves your body up into the clouds

Open up we all are open up

Open wide our eyes are open wide

When the Morning Dies
When the Morning Dies
  • The Spiral Eyes
  • 2004
  • 04:12
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I promise you my head's on straight
and looking forward.
Empires will fall in the sunken sky, so meet me in your room
and keep a light on inside.
I'm lost and gone in a dried up well
that looks up at a smile in the clouds
I climb the walls and comb the stars
and wish the dinosaurs would come crashing through my door

Like fire and hate
All in sunday suits, one for me and one for you
I will count the days. Wake me when the morning dies

And water falls into pots and pans crooked on the wood panelled wall
Our rest will come when the storm is done
But now the roof is leaking and the lights won't come on

Like fire and hate.

Where the Incline Alights the Hill
Where the Incline Alights the Hill
  • Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve
  • 2012
  • 14:01
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Composition for Heather Britt's piece Opus 5.5, performed at the Cincinnati Ballet in September 2012. Watch the video here.

How the streets do bend at will
Where the incline alights the hill
The summer's slowly gone
We sing a new song

Untie this crooked seam
Move me to a better looking dream
One with the houses I recall
And all their rooms

We do not mend our open wounds
We salt them and watch them bloom
There are bowers in the blood
Blooming mycelia

Oh so my dear
What the hell are we doing here?
I'm tired and cannot sit up straight
The sun in your eyes
I couldn't leave you if I tried
The bulbs in the ground
and seeds all around
the fossils of flowers and me
Oh how sweetly it goes
the ripples of a lung
the mushroom veins
the misty rains
the swirling arcane

  • I Woke With Planets In My Face
  • 2008
  • 03:56
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Sleep in the cold my dear sons
And work in the hellish days
One of these years I will be gone
But the tower will live forever

Oh ziggurat, all mine
Say with love how your life is a worthless dream
Bow your heads, little sons, and submit to me

With feet in the air I swallow wine
And let myself unwind
Pass the hours in a foggy dream
My life’s a mighty river

Pull the ropes and push the stones
Hear the crack of breaking bones
How I love the sound
I command to not defy
I control the endless sky
And the flame inside the sun