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I Woke With Planets In My Face

  • Peter Adams
  • Released in 2008
  • Playing Time: 50 minutes
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With all the drama of an ethereal movie soundtrack, Adams' songs brilliantly merge his classical training (he started playing the violin at age three) and the inevitable teen-punk backlash. On his latest, I Woke With Planets in My Face, the hyperliterate Adams composes folksy pop tunes solo and translates them into full-band symphonies.
- Kari Wethington, Spin

This is my second full-length album, created much in the same way as The Spiral Eyes. It features a somewhat expanded list of instruments, and I started to play around with longer tracks and slightly less straightforward structure. I wanted Planets to really feel like a unified whole rather than just a collection of songs – something you could lay down and listen to all the way through with a pair of headphones. I had transformative experiences as a teenager doing just that, and I did my best to recreate that feeling here.

When you buy the album, you’ll receive a digital version of “The Lunaphonic Omnibox Print Compendium,” a 60-page illustrated booklet to accompany the album.

  1. In the Great Green Room
  2. The Observatory
  3. Conversation With the Moon
  4. Into the Mist
  5. Sprinkler Song For Jessica
  6. Ziggurat
  7. I Was Looking At the Ceiling, and Then I Saw the Sky
  8. Ghost in the Fen
  9. Antarctica
  10. Annabel Lee
  11. Eyelids
  12. The Seventh Seal
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