Artwork: Peter Adams

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Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve

  • Peter Adams
  • Released in 2013
  • Playing Time: 62 minutes
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Adams’ music suggests something of mythic proportions is unfolding.
- David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer

Fifteen Fires in the Filament Eve is a collection of both new and old. It features the music from my most recent collaboration with Heather Britt and the Cincinnati Ballet, the 14-minute Where the Incline Alights the Hill (performed in 2012 as Opus 5.5), as well as some of my earliest recordings. In between there are singles that never appeared on any album (Love in the Afternoon, We Collide) songs from compilations (Stranglevine from the Marburg Collective’s Dear Neighbor), instrumental music from movies (Sunday’s MotherWhen the Dogs Cried Out, both directed by Aaron Jackson), dance (Untitled (Tourette’s)), and theater (Vivian Girls Overture). Also included is Listen Harmony, which was hidden on The Spiral Eyes as “Track 0” and has been frustrating people who just want to hear it without rewinding ever since.

The early tracks include Stand in the Sun, which is one of my oldest surviving recordings, created sometime in my first year of college, If Only ChildRogue’s Gallery, and Great Wave. Dearest to my heart is Flashlights, written post-Planets and always the track I envisioned kicking off my “next album.” Ultimately it just grew out of my control, and the version here is the first of many, many demos I made of it. Feet to the Fire is an unfinished demo from 2008, and In the Evening is the song that eventually morphed into The Sullen Saint of Eden on Songs For Modern Dance.

  1. Where the Incline Alights the Hill
  2. Stranglevine
  3. Love in the Afternoon
  4. Flashlights
  5. We Collide
  6. Theme from “Sunday’s Mother”
  7. Theme from “When the Dogs Cried Out”
  8. Untitled (Tourette’s)
  9. Great Wave
  10. Vivian Girls Overture
  11. Feet to the Fire
  12. Listen Harmony
  13. Stand in the Sun
  14. If Only Child
  15. In the Evening
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